Social Media Marketing

Yes, social media marketing is here to stay.  But it is evolving, and how consumers interact with brands is changing.  Having a social media strategy is definitely an important part of your overall marketing strategy.  Be heard, be seen, and be engaging … give people a reason to talk about and interact with your brand!

Our done-for-you approach and objectives are simple:

  1. Show that your business is alive and well and has a social media pulse by posting something every day
  2. Engage users and get them to talk about and interact with your brand
  3. Keep your business top of mind on a daily basis to reach more prospects and generate more referrals
  4. Give you the tools you need to fill in with important content of your own when you have time to do so

How does our program work?

  • Depending on the package you choose, we’ll post on your behalf on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Linkedin (or a combination)
  • The content is a combination of topics designed to be educational, entertaining, and engaging … including trivia, fun facts, links to articles, general purpose tips, etc (see examples below)
  • You can start with a basic packages with general purpose content or go all out and have us write unique, custom content just for you and about your brand

We can provide social media services in just about every industry with our general purpose content strategy, and a more focused industry specific approach in the following industries:

  • Home Improvement & Services:  Includes Real Estate Agents, Home Repair, Contractors, Plumbing, AC/Heater Services, Water service, Interior Design Services, Roofers, Landscapers and Mortgage Brokers
  • Health & Wellness: Includes General Physicians, Dentists, Cosmetic Medicine, Chiropractors, Family Practitioners, Dermatologists, Audiologists, Weight Loss Centers,  Pediatricians, and Psychologists
  • Personal Care: Includes Salons, Hair Studios, Spas, Massage Therapists, Makeup Studios, Skin Specialists, Waxing Salons, Beauty Parlors, and Nail Salons
  • Food & Dining: Includes Restaurants, Catering, and more.

We know you have good intentions to utilize social media.  However, without an organized and consistent plan, in most cases good intentions don’t produce consistent activity.

We also have a do-it-yourself solution for social media marketing:

This social marketing tool is a great way to help you save time and money.

  • Monitor social activity
  • Discover leads with social searches
  • Easily find, share, and schedule interesting content
  • Automate social actions based on triggers
  • Integrates with the most popular social networks

Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you with your social media marketing.

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