Support FAQ

What is a screenshot? (also called screen capture or screen grab)
A screenshot is an image taken of your computer screen display.
Why do you need a screenshot?
  • Our web developers might not be able to replicate the problem.
  • A screenshot is useful if you aren’t sure what words to use to describe the issue.
  • We can have a record of what the error looked like.
How do I take a screenshot?
How do I take a screenshot on my mobile phone?
How do I know if my website is down for me or  down for everyone?
  • Go to the website
  • Put in the URL of your website
  • The site will let you know if it is down for you or for everyone.
What is an IP address?
A number identifying what computer is using the Internet.
How do I find out my IP address?
  • Google “what is my ip address”
  • Answer will look similar to this:
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