“I need more online reviews”

Reputation Stat 9Have you ever looked up the online reviews for a product or service? Not only do most people answer this question with a resounding “Yes!” but, more importantly, consumers are basing their buying decisions on online reviews. In fact, 4 out of 5 people have changed their minds about a purchase based on negative information found online.

That is why being proactive about building your online reviews and reputation is more important than ever. The buyer’s journey has changed, and your business must be prepared to not only get more reviews, but also to promote and manage your online reputation.

Related challenges and questions that our customers ask us include:

  • “I’ve got a bad review online, what do I do?”
  • “What is up with Yelp? Why don’t they show all my reviews?”
  • “Do reviews really matter? I mean c’mon, I’m already busy.”
  • “How do I promote my online reputation?”
  • “I am too busy to manage all of my listings and online profiles. Do you have a solution that can help?”
  • “How can my team stay on top of all the things that people are saying about us online?”
  • … and more.

We are reputation marketing and management specialists, and we work with our customers every day to build, promote, and manage their online reputation. In fact, we built proprietary solutions to help our customers do this effectively and affordably.

How much is your reputation worth?

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