Keystone Granite, Inc. has been a Third River Marketing client since 2014. As online design trends have changed drastically in the last five years, they came to us again to redesign their website. Their new site showcases a dramatic transformation in aesthetics, ease-of-use, and user experience. 

Keystone Granite’s phone number and review score are displayed at the top of every page. In mobile, the phone number automatically transforms into a Click-To-Call button, making it quick and easy for clients or potential clients to get in touch with the company. A big, bright, professional photo welcomes website visitors to the company and their premium work. The front page also includes a call-to-action button that encourages people to contact Keystone Granite for a free estimate for their next project. 

The website utilizes Keystone Granite’s branding and brand colors throughout the site to tie everything together. Short descriptions and example photos of their products lead clients to individual product pages.

Keystone Granite promises the best price, so they included a way for clients to compare bids and save money. With a form on the front page of their site, clients can easily upload their comparable bid and receive a prompt response.

Keystone Granite’s new site showcases their stellar reputation through featured reviews on WhirLocal, a Third River brand. 

Additionally, we completely redesigned the way Keystone Granite showcases their stones and pricing. The new gallery is interactive and intuitive. Each product has full-screen images to further show the quality and craftsmanship of Keystone Granite’s work, so clients can browse through their options before visiting a showroom. 

Finally, links to Keystone Granite’s Facebook and Instagram are in the footer of their site, along with their CCB license number, address, and hours.

Keys to transforming Keystone Granite’s online presence: 

    • Highlighting professional photos of their work
    • Cohesive colors and design
    • Easily-found contact information
    • Calls-to-action
    • Larger, cleaner fonts
    • Utilization of screen space
    • Improved mobile-friendly theme

Visit the site: Keystone Granite, Inc. (





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