Fitzy’s Tiny Homes is a division of Fitzpatrick Painting & Construction, who is an existing client of Third River Marketing‘s. The brand new website for their tiny homes is a great online portfolio of their work, and it includes front-page links to get a free online quote or call the company. 

Fitzy’s Tiny Homes’ site is clean, minimal, and visually-based. A punchy sentence describes what they do in five words: “We build custom tiny homes.” Potential customers immediately see professional photographs of the home’s interior and want to know more, so a link to the specifications is provided on the right. 

The new website’s color scheme is white and red, creating a simple but powerful visual experience. Bullet points describe each home’s premium features, such as custom painted wood cabinetry and granite countertops. A link to the full photo gallery invites website visitors to step inside the tiny homes and view it from all angles. 

Professional, bright photos span the home page and showcase the quality work that Fitzy’s Tiny Homes has to offer. With modern layouts, color palettes, and design elements, these homes easily compete with the best. Finally, links to Fitzpatrick Painting & Construction’s Facebook and Twitter make it easy to stay connected with the minds behind the designs.

Keys to capitalizing Fitzy’s Tiny Homes’ online presence: 

    • Engaging photos, colors, and design
    • Easily-found contact information
    • Calls-to-action
    • Intuitive contact form
    • Utilization of screen space

Visit the site: Fitzy’s Tiny Homes (


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