After a successful tour of duty in the U.S. Marine Corps and 13 years successfully running a small record label, Matt Theriault found himself in dire need of a Do Over.  The Dot Com crash, 9/11, and advances in online music downloading quickly rendered his entire business obsolete.

At age 34 he found himself flat broke, and having to start life over. If you’ve ever made a lot of money and lost it, you can relate. It’s a very uncomfortable, disheartening experience. Things got so bad for Matt that he found himself bagging groceries for six months.  He couldn’t believe where he had ended up.  He had gone from living a life that consisted of six-figure months, weekend getaways and fine dining, and had now been reduced to nights at home with the television and a Cup-of-Noodles.

He has now found new success through various avenues including real estate investing.  He is in process of writing a book called and has become known as “The DoOver Guy”.

Matt contacted The Third River, Inc., a provider of web design for authors and marketing services, to create a new web site to help him chronicle the “Do Over” and start building exposure for his upcoming book.  He had seen an Anthony Robbins site that he like the looks of, so we built a similar layout for the WordPress platform.  Matt is now maintaining the site and adding content to it.

Platform: WordPress

Key Features:

  • Content Management System
  • Social Media Integration
  • Ability to add affiliate links for recommended resources



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