Ready to Learn Ready to Work, a cooperative venture of the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce, Keizer Chamber of Commerce, the Salem Keizer School District, and E3: Employers for Educational Excellence, recently launched a redesigned web site designed by The Third River.

Sue Bloom, the co-coordinator of the program, contacted Tim Fahndrich about doing a redesign due to a number of challenges with their existing site.  Challenges included a) the lack of ability to easily add and edit site content and keep it up to date, and b) the need for a revised information flow when educators request guest speakers for their classrooms.

The Third River, Inc., and active member of the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce, provides web design in Salem Oregon, as well for clients all over the country.

Platform:  WordPress

Key Features:

  • Content Management System allowing for easy updating by organizational staff
  • Ability to load documents, flyers, and related collateral
  • Request Speaker forms that coordinate request forms between educators and staff

Favorite New Feature:  Ability to easily update the site without having to wait on a web company


Ready to Learn Ready to Work

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