Using Google Adwords as a lead generation tool is a fantastic way to grow your law firm, as most people will use the internet to look up local law firms and attorneys. Here is a detailed look at how we help local lawyers with lead generation.

A couple of background points:

  • Google Search Likelihood: High
  • Decision Making Process: Moderate
  • Key Selling Points: No fees up front, success winning large settlements, experience, personalized attention
  • Competition Index: High
  • Invoice Range: $3k-$10k+

Characteristics of an Ideal Fit For PPC Advertising:

  • Good existing website with lots of useable content
  • Personal Injury (PI) is the firm’s singular (or at least main) focus
  • Highly experienced
  • Evidence of large settlements won
  • Strong affiliations, memberships, credentials
  • Strong community involvement

Who are the best potential leads?

  • Prospective clients have generally been involved in some kind of accident or an otherwise traumatic experience that led to unexpected injury (or worse), potentially as a result of negligence on another party.
  • Buyers are likely angry, nervous, scared and unsure of what their options are.
  • In most cases, this is one of several items weighing on their mind.
  • Prospective clients will likely have a lot of questions as well, which combined with their mental state will require the firm to be very patient.
  • Prospective clients are likely to choose to call firms that portray their experience, speed, personalized service and history of success.

Who is not a great target audience?

  • Anyone without a legitimate case
  • These will be weeded out quickly based on preliminary evaluation

Geographic Targeting:

  • Typical radius: 15-25 miles, depending on population density and competion



Case Study Metrics: 

  • Average conversion rate for lead generation is 10%
  • Client is using our landing page (LP). Other clients in our portfolio not using our LPs have a much lower conversion rate.
  • GOAL: 20% Conversion Rate
  • PERFORMANCE: 40%+ Conversion rate over the last 90 days
  • Proven Results:
    • Increased conversions by 55% in the most recent 90 days compared to the first 90 days of management
    • Decreased CPA by 22% over the last 90 days



Recommended Campaign Focus:

  • General – Search
    – Best personal injury lawyer / attorney / law firm
  • Case Specific – Search
    • Auto accident attorney
    • Slip and fall attorney
    • Dog bite attorney
  • Display – recommended for brand awareness and brand building
  • Keep in mind: Prospective clients will often make a decision based on how familiar they are already with the law firm. Multi-channel advertisers are often the most successful.

Recommended Media Budget:

  • $3,000/mo recommended, $1000/mo minimum
  • Can scale based on geography/volume

Best Practices:

  • Answer the phone every time – missed calls = missed opportunity
  • Respond to email inquiries within 30 minutes max and consider offering an auto-response informational piece via email
  • Goal of each call: 1-on-1 consultation
  • Promote urgency: the longer a client waits, the less they’re likely able to collect.
  • Promote experience: you’re not speaking to a paralegal or other administrative assistant – the consult is with a lawyer
  • Avoid having to get back to the prospect – they will move on


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