Easy Ways to Radically Improve Your Small Business Website

To get this started, let’s answer the question of why?  Why should you bother with your business’ web site?

I want to address this question for a few reasons;

First and foremost, most small businesses are notorious for having a “set it and forget it” approach to their website. And that’s regrettable, but it’s also understandable, because most SMBs are small, busy, and don’t have the same kind of marketing budget as big businesses (read “strapped for cash”).   The website gets pushed to the bottom of their marketing priorities.

The second reason I want to address the “Why bother?” question is because of the rise of social media. With their rise, there’s a false notion out there that social networks—Facebook in particular—have made websites obsolete and unnecessary.

We believe that this just isn’t true.

While sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are great platforms, they’re not replacements for a solid web presence that you own and control.   Because a business’s website is its foundation, and all other Internet marketing tactics are built on this foundation.  We’ve said for a long time that your web site should be the hub of all your marketing efforts.

To continue with the metaphor, if you have a weak foundation, you compromise the integrity and effectiveness of your other marketing efforts.

Lastly, there are two simple, pragmatic reasons to direct your scarce resources to your website.

1.  It’s easy to make small, incremental changes that have a really big impact on your site’s effectiveness.

2. The energy you devote to your website pays significant dividends because so few of your competitors are doing anything at all. Most small businesses have dusty, cobweb-filed websites that haven’t been updated since the day they were launched!  So it’s easy to stand out with just a little effort.

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