The power of a strong profile

linkedinI had the opportunity this morning to put on my social media “evangelist” hat and spread the word at the Keller Williams Realty office in Corvallis. There were about 20 Realtors and industry folks in the room. As I typically do, I asked by a show of hands who had a Linkedin profile, Facebook profile and/or Fan page, Twitter profile, and blog.

And as usually is the case, most hands went up for Linkedin … BUT, there was a lot of questions as to “what do I do with it?” There is SO Much you can do with a Linkedin profile, but I thought I’d just share two quick things with you today.

1. Be sure to fill out a complete, keyword-rich profile:

Linkedin takes the longest when setting up your profile because there is a lot to fill in. Past employment, current employment, specialties, etc. But having a complete and keyword rich profile can definitely improve the Linkedin experience and results for your business.

2. Linkedin use a multi-tier connection approach:

One thing that many people don’t know is that Linkedin has 3 tiers of connections. You have your connections of course (level 1), but it also can show you who they are connected to (level 2), and through the Linkedin search engine, also shows a 3rd level.

So let me bring both of these points into a practical, real-life example that I used this morning…

I have a friend (virtual of course – I’ve never met him in person) who was looking to help his dad move to another state. He jumped onto Linkedin and typed in the “Realtor” and the city his dad was moving to. In the search results, a Realtor on the second level of his network showed up.

Now my friend did not know this Realtor, but he was able to talk to their mutual connection and find out if he was worth his salt or not and be a good fit to help find a house for his dad. Turns out the mutual friend gave a glowing recommendation (which can also be done on Linkedin), and the Realtor was enlisted successfully to find a house for my friend’s dad. My friend was able to get a warm referral from a trusted source, and everybody was very happy.

Had the Realtor not filled out a keyword-rich profile and made connections on Linkedin … this transaction would never have happened.

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